IpcPort Library

IpcPort Library 1.2

IpcPort LibraryWant to develop software components easily communicating...

IpcPort LibraryWant to develop software components easily communicating with each other through process boundaries? Want your. NET and Java applications to communicate with C/C++ components through process boundaries?

Want your data to be passed from one process to another with maximum speed? Want to avoid development expenses for all the above mentioned but use the state-or-the-art solution remarkable for its effectiveness and simplicity?

If you say YES then IpcPort library is your CHOICE! IpcPort library is designed for easy making communication channel between software components running in different processes within the same computer.

IpcPort library can be used in different system applications, system monitors, in programs automating behavior of other programs and in ;spy; applications.

During IpcPort library development the following goals were aimed:High performance and throughputStability and reliabilitySimplicity in useIpcPort library can be used for communication between software components developed by means of different technologies.

For example IpcPort allows low level component developed in C/C++ communicating with GUI application developed in. NET or Java or almost any other programming language.

Now you can compose your application from C/C++,. NET, Java, Python or other language components and and make them communicating easily and effectively.

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IpcPort Library


IpcPort Library 1.2